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Quality Policy Statement

I. Blue Lotus aims to provide an all-in-one, in-house, engineering & design solution with some of the highest standards in the industry.

II. Engineering Excellence. We hire only the most qualified of individuals with proven track records of not just success, but creative, out of the box mentalities. We hire veterans, legal immigrants, and support all those trying to get a foothold in the industry, entry level or otherwise.

III. Blue Lotus believes in forming strong, long-term, relationships with our clients and employees. We utilize a small-business approach to management and sales, and quality is our top priority alongside the wellbeing of our staff.

IV. We emphasize and practice a workplace culture of mutual respect and camaraderie, with a professional and results-driven edge. We strive to ensure that the client is always more than simply satisfied, and that the process of delivering those results was hassle and stress free. We believe that happy and satisfied employees and consultants are the key to an exceptional workforce, and as such exceptional results.

V. Our aim is to establish ourselves as one of the nations premier engineering and manufacturing corporations, with an emphasis on new approaches & innovation regardless of our corporate size.

Ethical Policy

I. Blue Lotus maintains a policy of complete transparency to our clients and investors.

II. Blue Lotus practices a policy of zero-tolerance for workplace bullying, hazing, sexual harassment, discrimination and any form of abuse. Any of the aforementioned will result in immediate termination pending a proper investigation.

III. Direct to the Top Policy. All employees and consultants are permitted, as per policy, to directly contact the executive for any issues not pertinent to standard workplace matters.

IV. Blue Lotus is a goal and results driven entity, and so long as employees deliver said results, we maintain a policy of no limitation on breaks beyond standard requirements of ongoing projects.

V. We are an equal opportunity employer. We will, however, make a consolidated effort to assist veterans, legal immigrants and students. Currently, 90% of Blue Lotus Corp's staff are composed of veterans from the US Army and Marine Corps, and one very irritable airman and his doberman.


The Following is Mandated Under Federal Law

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